Sunday, June 12, 2016

A national tragedy in Orlando

I wasn't going to feed into this media fear extravaganza and chyme in my most arrogant opinion about religion, sexuality, gun rights, foreign policy etc; or give some Oscar Speech turning the tragedy inward toward myself and how sad i am, how good I am for lending my thoughts and prayers to aid in the situation. By no means do I want to minimize this event, but before your fear turns to hatred, to avoid checking under your bed tonight for the Ghost of Osama Bin Laden; just a reminder you have a 1 in 20 million chance of getting killed in a terrorist attack. A person is more likely to die in a plane accident, get shot by cops, drown in a bathtub, be burned alive in a building fire, or be killed from the Sun by way of heatstroke, than from a terrorist attack.
You are however AS likely to be killed by your own furniture. CNN just reported the Government has been funding Radical IKEA freedom fighters in Sweden again... If you feel a loose spring in your couch, call the TSA immediately.

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