Thursday, April 21, 2011




I envisioned this very moment in my head a thousand times in the last 5 years until it finally came true; 5 minutes after stepping out of court

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last day in chains...

In a few hours i will be having my final hearing in court. This is IT.... the moment ive waited for, for 6 years. Could this mean freedom? I am only optimistic at this point. Without getting too nostalgic the past 6 years there has not been one single day that has passed where i havent been reminded of my legal situation. I am not the kind of person to censor myself, my liberties or my abilities- but then here i am. I have been sick with apprehension to this final moment; as if the last 6 years all rolled into 3 weeks of standing on the head of a needle. I think back of all my experiences both negative and positive. One thing is for sure i live my life, maybe with an ounce of jealousy at times, but never a single moment of regret. I think of all the ways the legal system, the sheriffs office, judges, lawyers, corrections officers have made my life hell but it pales in comparison as to how it has hurt my family watching me helpless as i suffer. Nobody will ever understand my torture except my closest friends and family, because observed it first hand. Lucky enough the last few years i have been living alone and can hide them from the burden; but colorful little reminders around every corner always popping their head up without fail. I abstain from expectation; i am confident and optimistic about tomorrow and about moving in a new and uplifting direction- living my life again.

I leave you on a personal note of a single moment written down on the back of my restitution payment from December. I have made a smiley face on the back of every $200 monthly payment traditionally for 5 years up until this very letter. I am curious about the person who works in the mail room in Tallahassee who has to collect dozens of restitution payments. What thoughts they had seeing mine every month?

This may surely be my last letter written in captivity.

Monday, April 18, 2011

X-wing VS Thai Food

So i heard a rumor that Lucas Arts would finally be releasing a new X-Wing VS Tie Fighter game. I looked all over the internet and found the root of the rumor which came from a convention in 2009... since then i couldn't verify anything- but then i got a lead on the Lucas Arts forum. Somebody like me was curious and posted the question- and somebody less than optimistic shot it down... in a fit of internet rage i registered to the forum and posted my angry rant

Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
I don't think Lucasarts cares about the PC market anymore when they can produce console games that sell well. The effort that goes into making PC games these days.. and having to make it compatible with so many different systems scares most suits.

If there was ever to be an "X-wing" game that would work it would have to be hand in hand with the clone wars series that will be coming out. It also would have to have multi player and co-op support for a large campaign. XWA was set up for Co-op but TG never really had the time to fully implement it.. and the horrid net code practically killed any real Multiplayer chance

No I highly doubt Lucasarts would ever make another X-wing series game, and even if they did it wouldn't be anything near to something that was decent... they are most concerned about deadlines then about gameplay

this is retarded, how can they make a game over 10 years ago with NO problems- but NOW its too hard. A TON of starwars nerds out there love the series, and even if Lucas Arts rehashed it with the same shitty engine with new textures and a few new ships from the new movies people would still buy it JUST because you would be able to play online. Isn't there a single out of work game programmer in this economy that can rehash it up and just release it.

i mean come on, people we are tricking out their computers to run DOS for crying out loud- JUST to play this thing. Cant they just get a temp to throw together a shitty rehash? I would pay money for that if it means we can all play again!

In a desperate search to confirm a rumor i found this page and signed up just so i can vent. If hey dont want to make another Xwing VS tiefighter game then Lucas himself and shove a double ended Darth Maul Light-saber up his ass sideways and turn it on."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scape goats

With the anticipation and anxiety of my approaching day of Judgment (in court)- i have spent the last 2 weeks re-researching another famous Scapegoat Lee Harvey Oswald. Here is a collection of several excellent resources to some great documentaries to get the ball rolling on anyone else interested in factual American History and THEE end all to all conspiracies.

The many Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald

FAKE: the Forged Photograph that Framed Lee Harvey Oswald

Jim Garrison VS Johnny Carson

The Men who killed Kennedy (6 hour series)

American Expose': Who murdered JFK?

Great jfk channel

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura JFK

PBS Frontline Documentary: Who was Lee Harvey Oswald


JFK assassination Lee Harvey Oswald daughter June Oswald interview

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boiling of the butter

Across my daily travels on the internet- i stumbled across this poorly written story about a tagger from Indianapolis. Graffiti writers get caught up every day, but sometimes for one reason or another it becomes head line news. Perhaps ive been a direct victim of the local newspaper's attempts at indignity; or system with zero tolerance for a college aged artist. But just when you couldnt fathom the amount of ignorance; i read this article and i had no choice but to leave a response.

Indianapolis graffiti tagger at it again?
Posted by lepak on Mar 3 2010.

by Kent Erdahl (
March 3, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS – He’s defaced buildings all across downtown Indianapolis, causing at least $100,000 in property damage. Now a notorious graffiti artist is in jail for the second time, and as FOX 59′s Kent Erdahl explains, this time he faces much stiffer charges.
Miguel Villanueva was first arrested late last year and faced at least 9 different graffiti-related charges, but after skipping out on a court date, investigators were forced to track him down early Wednesday morning. Now they say the man who calls himself “choke” might have been at it again.
“It is awful. It’s a destruction of property,” said Paul Gresk of Gresk & Singleton Law Firm.
Just a few months after Gresk moved his law firm into a new building downtown, the man known as “choke” vandalized it. When Miguel Villanueva was arrested a few months later, prosecutors thought he had begun taking responsibility for his crimes. He accepted a plea bargain on nine misdemeanor counts of vandalism, but when it was time for him to be sentenced, he was nowhere to be found. When sheriff’s deputies tracked him down over night they also found much more paint.
“Obviously the message was not delivered spending a few days in jail,” Gresk said. “I think, he’s going to be facing a longer jail term, and hopefully he can kind of think about the consequences of his actions.”
Some of the “choke” graffiti has now been painted over. It took the owner of a building on South East Street more than $2,500 to cover a tag from last April. Police say it’s very important to do this because not only are you covering up his tags, but you’re covering up gang signs as well.
“It encourages other gang activity and, at times, violent activity,” said Sgt. Matthew Mount with the Indianpolis Metro Police Department.
“We are now going to have to spend another $5,000 cleaning up his mess,” Gresk said.
Though Gresk is happy that crews are finally beginning to remove choke’s work, he’s also pleased to know the vandal faces stiffer charges. He is now charged with a total of ten felonies. Each carry a maximum of three years in jail. Now Gresk has just one more request.
“I’m hoping that the system will treat him as he’s treated the community,” Gresk said.
Though “choke” wasn’t arrested on any additional charges, prosecutors say it’s very likely that he was at it again. If you notice any graffiti on your property with the name “choke” or other gang signs such as “STS” please call the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office or IMPD.

and my bitter response:

You sick psychopaths. Why dont you have this guy clean it himself instead of crying about painting the back of your rotten building- which by the way just because it is NEW to you because you bought it- doesnt make the graffiti all over behind it new either- i suspect you are using this guy to get money to clean the back of the building. How do you expect one artist to pay for every bit of graffiti on the same wall- how is that fair? Would it be right if somebody rear ended your car and you charged him to fix the whole body?

He uses art to express himself and not violence- If your so called society is so civil and just about its laws than why dont you give him an opportunity to paint murals to pay back what he owes? A real contemporary society has to adjust to its people living inside it. Not everyone is a white baby boomer; there are new ideas and new kinds of people living in your society and its time to start adapting to it and not act like a kkklan. If a kid can steal a car, crash it into a wall and get probation- then why should an artist have to suffer jail time for painting a wall? Have you tried to give him an outlet for his artwork first? Do you expect him to be sorry for what he is passionate about? Would you expect a Christian to apologize before throwing him to the lions? If your so called mature perfect white picket fence/greased hair society doesnt approve the the artwork- then have him pay, have him scrub, have him paint OR you can throw him in jail with violent career criminals. You know damn right jail isnt big kid time-out; it is a place you created to contain societies violent failures to gang up on regular people who were a victim of your twisted justice. Your society doesnt agree with rape and murder so you put them in jail- but its PERFECTLY acceptable to you to throw non violent offenders with rapists and murders to “teach them a lesson” and turn a blinds eye? anyone who believe this is an accomplice to violence and maybe YOU should see what its like in hell like that.

ALSO it is slander to consider someones graffiti artwork "GANG activity". This is common knowledge (especially for so called professional public servants) and spreading slanderous lies against artists doesnt only destroy their reputation as an artist but it also purposely sends orders to local violent street gangs to attack artists. You know exactly what you are doing; and manipulating the law like you do is disgusting.