Wednesday, July 21, 2010


you know what would be cool? if i got spam emails about learning how to get into debt, reducing the size of my penis and watching girls read books on live webcam

and with that... i cue the music

Friday, July 16, 2010

Looking for a new gym

Well ive resorted to looking in the yellowpages and calling around for a new gym. My old one is in gardens and lets face it... i go to gardens like once a month. Even though the membership is only $10 a month- i got to find something by me.

Heres one i found in the yellowpages- with a great review! haha i had to share, cheers to the good people of West Palm for spreading love where ever they have to.

1/5 stars

Horrible Gym!!!

Provided by
This is a dirty, disgusting gym. DO NOT JOIIN!!!!! I found the daycare girl laying on the couch with custodian instead of watching my children. The bathrooms are disgusting and the employees are idiots. DO NOT JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!