Monday, May 2, 2016

When arguing against a libertarian

With the elections in full swing, I thought I would share with you something I created to help you remember the correct way to argue politics online. Since many of my friends at one point in time have felt the wrath of my opinion and are still emotionally intelligent enough to be friends, I give you my highest regard. This universal acronym can be used when having a heated conversation with anyone online, but specifically against the dreaded fedora wearing armchair neckbearded libertarian.

#1 FIGHT through their opinion. Even if you feel you are feeling defeated, always resort to physical threats, insults and name calling to break down the esteem of your opponent.

#2 UNFRIEND your opponent or family from all social media. Since the entire point of an intellectual conversation is to WIN, if you feel you are backed up into a corner- simply block them in your privacy settings.

#3 CONSIDER their argument as a mortal insult to your values and views on life in general.

#4 KEEP your mind closed and let your emotions be your strongest ammunition of your argument, ignore links from reputable sources. Be sure to use misspellings and elementary grammatical errors to further insult the intelligence of your opponent.

Read and Remember the acronym above; if you don't believe me, eat shit i'm always right and go fuck yourself because your a stuped loser anyway.

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