Monday, June 24, 2013

Educating the market on GMOs with Diagrams and sarcasm

So I was going on my daily internet stroll, when i noticed a Facebook post about a news story that states "McDonalds is officially as bad as Subway". I had a bit of a following going on my commentary- and then suddenly a challenger appears. He even labeled me a clueless "Dumb-ass" as it were. So i destroyed/educated him with a sarcastic wave of a diagram, observe...

Wait whats that sound? Someone on the internet is wrong!!! JUSTICE IS ON ITS WAY


  • Eric anything encased in bread with processed cheap meat and protected with layers of a transfat force-field is going to be neck and neck for who is going to kill you first.
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    • Tom Leigh Don't forget about all of the GMO veggies / Bread grains and high fructose corn syrup in the dressing's.
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    • Eric There are no GMO veggies, unless of course people are eating GMO papaya or yellow squash. However in your very home there is a good chance you have processed food or a candied beverage that contains products made from GMO.
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    • Tom Leigh Eric, you said "However in your very home there is a good chance you have processed food or a candied beverage that contains products made from GMO." Do you have a clue what GMO is? Even Chipotle says they have a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) based vegetables. There products come from Noble Cisco which is a distributer which means that a Subway doesn't have too much control of what they get.
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    • Eric Tom if you actually read the ingredient report from Chipotle or have an understanding of real GMOs in the marketplace- the only foods that had GMO were foods prepared with soybean oil. I challenge you to show me a GMO vegetable at chipotle.

      You also
      just said that Subway has no control of what they get- that is laughable. Every company has a choice, but they choose the cheapest ingredients because their market doesnt want to pay significantly more for better food or has any clue what good food even is. Educating the market is what we are all doing right now, because that means the demand for better food goes up and the prices go down. Urging your favorite fast food distributors to offer non GMO food is great; but currently there is a strong majority who will proudly pay .99 cents for cancerous food.
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    • Tom Leigh Eric, you are clueless. Good luck with that!
    • Eric Tom- again, you havent read the Chipotle ingredients list. Take my challenge and tell me which vegetables are GMO? The fajita vegetables are cooked with Soybean oil- that is why they contain GMO; not because they ARE genetically Modified. If we are to educate the population- we must be educated ourselves. Prove me wrong- show me a clue Tom.
    • Tom Leigh AGAIN, if you had read the article............... You would know that Chipotle moved away from soybean oil. I challenge you to read the fucking article. But in case you don't.. And know you won't because the ego is strong with you..... Here's a snippet from the article that I provided hours ago. "And which menu items do those DNA altered ingredients touch? More than you might expect, considering Chipotle’s reputation. The tortillas, fajita vegetables, white and brown rice, chipotle-honey vinaigrette, chicken and beef all contain GMOs. Interestingly, the pork carnitas is not marked with a G.

      Clip of the Day: Chipotle, Food Without Integrity?

      Whole Foods' GMO PromiseWhole Foods Promises to Label GMO Ingredients by 2018

      GMO labeling: Connecticut law passedConnecticut Passes Nation’s First GMO Labeling Law

      The chain’s move away from soybean oil, the ingredient that gives the fajita vegetables its G, will help to cut some GMOs from the menu, but according to the Bloomberg story, don’t expect a transgene-free Chipotle: “Our food system is so dominated by these big industrial food producers,” Arnold says, making it nearly impossible to go GMO-free at the scale on which the chain operates."
    • Eric Tom you are having a hard time comprehending what you are reading, allow me to help you with a diagram. Here is the article you quoted in and referenced to the actual ingredients list. Please everyone else reading take a moment to look over this so that we all learn how to properly comprehend articles of this nature. In my next post i will post more information about GMOs in the marketplace

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    • Eric Here is more information about which GMO foods are in the marketplace right now and what ISNT. Its important to educate yourself and the market. FYI all processed foods most likely contains some sort of soybean oil or canola oil, and HFCS is usually made from GMO corn or GMO Sugar beets. If you still have doubts on weather or not your vegetables are GMO free and dont feel like staying up to date with educating yourself- then you always have the comfort of going organic. Restaurants like Chipotle may offer locally grown organic vegetables (like in their fajitas) but stil fry or cook them in soybean oil- that is where the caveat lies and our struggle continues.
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      So what was the final response from Tom after insulting the largest set of balls in the room? He deleted all his comments. Not an apology, not a thumbs up or tipping of the hat- just a typical cowardly ass way out of being wrong... pretend like it never happened. Well as a cherry on top, to antagonize Tom and remind him who his intellectual Daddy was- i sent him this final note (see attached) to tickle what was left of his fragile Ego.

      AND THATS 

      HOW I WON 


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