Friday, October 12, 2012

My Letter to the Department of Treasury: UPDATED!

This September while visiting Washington DC, i found myself wandering around and bumping into the Department of Treasury!  With its grandiose columns staring back at me; so i decided i would address my grievance in person! I didnt know the time was 5:30pm and most people left home for the day, so as soon as i walked inside the building a secuirty guard walked up to me with his hand on his gun said "HOO HO WOAW WOAW woaw.... What are you doing, we are closed, hours of opperation out over what are you doing here?"

 I put my hands up and said "Hey now! Is this the department of treasury??" 

Security Guard "yes it is, but we are closed for today. What is your business here?"

"Ok, i wanted to talk to somebody in person. See i was in the area and decided to stop inside; about 7 months ago i sent you guys a letter about... some bills"

All of a sudden the security guards face when from offensive to completely confused. With a utterly disarmed face he repeats ".... Bills?" and cocked his head a few degrees.

"Yes some destroyed bills i sent here, it was several months ago and i wanted to get an update?"

Security guard "OH youre looking for Bureau of Engraving and Printing. They all have already gone home today, you can come in tomorrow at 9am"

  So no dice on addressing my grievance. I just about gave up on my destroyed bills until about a month later look what i got in the mail!  I got this mysterious government check for $19 in the mail.  I held on to it for about 2 weeks having no clue what it was for. I was afraid to bring it to my bank in case there was a mistake and i would have a swat team at my door for cashing it. Then i realized it was from my original destroyed bills; exactly eight months later and the Government delivered!  apparently $14 was less than 50% but $19 was good!

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