Monday, February 13, 2012

My Letter to the Department of Treasury

"Dear Sir or Mam,

I was invited on Friday by friends to visit the downtown area of West Palm Beach. Later in the evening, a young man inside the club was throwing money in the air so he could laugh at people trying to pick it up. Money is hard for everyone right now and unfortunately for me i was embarrassed and insulted by typical people of Palm Beach with money who laugh at the expense other people.

Toward the end of the evening he ripped his stack of money in half and practically threw it in my face. I regretfully picked up a majority of the money that didn’t blow off the rooftop of the establishment. I have a true appreciation for what you do because I managed to decipher and recover 9 full dollars from all of the pieces. The remainder of the pieces i included inside the envelope. Some pieces are well over 50% and others are hard for me to tell if it is 49% or 51% because of the nature of the rip down the center. Either way, please try your best and thank you for all your efforts in advance. I included all smaller pieces of money so that you can inform the department treasury of bills no longer in circulation (regardless of my return).

thank you and have a great day



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