Monday, August 13, 2012

Post Offensives

So normally i go to the post office to drop of my packages but since the location by my house went broke and closed down; i decided just stick it in the convenient blue mail box. As i drive up to the mailbox, about to deposit my mail, i realize that- oh whats this ITS OPEN AND EXPOSING PEOPLES MAIL OUT OF THE BACK!!!! It will be open from now all the way until tomorrow around 5pm when somebody will do something. I'm sure the honest people in the neighborhood wont help themselves to the free netflix dvds? Being the honest person I am i had the idea to just remove the mail and bring them with me to another location; but as the notion entered my head I was interrupted by a passing police car and realized i would be sent to prison for even being in the vicinity of this mailbox. So i cautiously left a note for all the other dear patrons of the usps NOT to use this particular mailbox.

Government service at its finest

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