Monday, October 3, 2011

Its NERF or nothing!

So the other day i was reading about a guy who modified his Nerf guns and i decided that maybe i should have my try at it. I searched craigslist and saw an add selling 3 Nerf guns for $30... I sent an email back and forth attempting a fair negotiation for the weaponry, and for some reason i never got a finished response. This was my conversation:

Eric: I'll give you $15 cash for them

Rosy Garcia: My 11 year old is selling them. He would really like $30. He is trying to save up for something. Let me know. Thanks

Eric: Please explain to your son that although the Nerf guns may be in excellent condition, its market retail value has been thoroughly depreciated after it has been opened and played with. Thus is the mistake in investing into something of that nature which loses its value as soon as it is opened. Let me suggest that perhaps this $15 can go toward something more constructive and enjoyable such as a coin collection. Also let us not forget the value of hard honest labor to achieve one's goals- IE Car washes, paper routes, delivery services etc.

Let me know his thoughts, thank you

she did not dignify the human man child with a response.

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