Monday, April 18, 2011

X-wing VS Thai Food

So i heard a rumor that Lucas Arts would finally be releasing a new X-Wing VS Tie Fighter game. I looked all over the internet and found the root of the rumor which came from a convention in 2009... since then i couldn't verify anything- but then i got a lead on the Lucas Arts forum. Somebody like me was curious and posted the question- and somebody less than optimistic shot it down... in a fit of internet rage i registered to the forum and posted my angry rant

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I don't think Lucasarts cares about the PC market anymore when they can produce console games that sell well. The effort that goes into making PC games these days.. and having to make it compatible with so many different systems scares most suits.

If there was ever to be an "X-wing" game that would work it would have to be hand in hand with the clone wars series that will be coming out. It also would have to have multi player and co-op support for a large campaign. XWA was set up for Co-op but TG never really had the time to fully implement it.. and the horrid net code practically killed any real Multiplayer chance

No I highly doubt Lucasarts would ever make another X-wing series game, and even if they did it wouldn't be anything near to something that was decent... they are most concerned about deadlines then about gameplay

this is retarded, how can they make a game over 10 years ago with NO problems- but NOW its too hard. A TON of starwars nerds out there love the series, and even if Lucas Arts rehashed it with the same shitty engine with new textures and a few new ships from the new movies people would still buy it JUST because you would be able to play online. Isn't there a single out of work game programmer in this economy that can rehash it up and just release it.

i mean come on, people we are tricking out their computers to run DOS for crying out loud- JUST to play this thing. Cant they just get a temp to throw together a shitty rehash? I would pay money for that if it means we can all play again!

In a desperate search to confirm a rumor i found this page and signed up just so i can vent. If hey dont want to make another Xwing VS tiefighter game then Lucas himself and shove a double ended Darth Maul Light-saber up his ass sideways and turn it on."

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