Saturday, December 18, 2010

the Opinion ZONE

Recently the Palm beach post has orgasmed at the notion of the reaction it can get by asking sheep of palm beach county whether a blond haired blue eyed first degree felon should walk away free with no prison time vs an African American. I am moved of how stupid a newspaper can take its readers for; but then again yeehaw opinion will always prevail here so i'll let you read the colorful opinions in the comment section on your own- but here is mine:

*EDIT* i was surprised to read SOME of the intelligent answers this time in the comment section!

I THINK the palm beach post does an elaborate job of asking a one sided question that can only have a single answer. An unbiased journalist wouldnt resort to childish name calling a 17 year old until she was 21 would they?

Here is a headline for you- Wealthy Palm beach millionaire’s son Robs drug dealer at gunpoint- girlfriend arrested as accessory.

why doesnt the palm beach tabloid delve into the seedy drug dealer, or even bother reporting about the boyfriend? Because the palm beach toilet paper post can sway a troglodyte opinion and create pressure in a court room all in the name of sensationalist media.

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