Monday, December 22, 2014

Ladies dig the 5'oclock shadow

 Chicks love the 5 oclock shadow, and i humbly comply to these rigorous demands. And by compliance i really mean ive been doing it anyway my whole adult life. Since i have curly hair, I am one of the small percentage of white men who find it is impossible to be clean shaven without razor bumps. Lord knows this 5oclock trend wont last forever, and when its over and clean faces are in demand, i will look like a pubescent 30 year old teenager ready to attend my Bar Mitzvah.

 According to every women's magazine, scruff is tough; it is in high fashion. A small observation ive made concerning this facial trend; generally speaking ladies will swoon over something they desire the most but are unable to handle. This is no different with facial hair. You tell me how sexy it looks but be prepared to whine in contempt when it scratches your faces! 

Pro tip: whenever you see me on a hot date, i usually come prepared with my upper lip shaven. Prepare your chins ladies, exfoliate with caution. 

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