Thursday, January 17, 2013

A final word on assault rifles

During my typical daily Facebook political pandering, i came across this misleading image. There has been so much talk about GUN REGULATION; if it is written in the constitution then why should i even entertain arguing it? As always my point deviates from the typical pre-scripted left vs right argument; I address a serious underlying problem that too long has been ignored.

"This diagram is a bit limiting. "Mass shootings- 18" is a cop out from reporting the real amount of deaths per year by assault rifles. I know the purpose of this cartoon is to defend gun rights (to me that isn't even an issue) but this glosses over a deeper problem. We shouldn't be afraid of the statistics of gun violence; i'm sure it is relatively high. But we have to examine what the shootings are over. The war on drugs has turned regular city streets into a warzone. If you understand that you own your body and that drug addiction is a disease, not a felony; then it takes the power out of the hands of a gang member/drug dealer and solves many problems of violence and addiction. In the mean time taking away people's right to defend themselves from this violence is fundamentally wrong.

It would seem some of us kick and scream if they take away our right to defend ourselves; but we choose to close an eye to a 60 year old elephant in the room. You might not use illicit drugs, but understand that people who do are sick need help and that the violence of this drug war may one day spill on to your door step."

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