Monday, April 30, 2012

How does Portland Abate Graffiti?

By tazing and beating the shit out of an innocent guy who had nothing to do with graffiti.

this article focuses on a poor random guy that had the unfortunate luck of being misjudged by the cops for a graffiti writer; and got his face creamed into a frappuccino. But nobody once questions the opinion of a dear humble graffiti artist who if he were identified correctly would have been doing the electric boogaloo. There is much focus on the innocent party- but is this Smackdown justifiable if he committed a petty crime? This instance is only a pity because an innocent man received some outlaw justice from our paid in-law police force- but why does a non violent graffito practitioner deserve an ass whipping of a lifetime from the man in a black costume?

In the end we all lose; OUR $250,000 in tax money goes to pay for our mistakes of our own public servant.

Breakin' Faces

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