Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the lower case i

It is not uncommon knowledge that internet has produced its own native vernacular. One ritual that i purposely engage in on the internet that i would never on paper, is the refusal to capitalize my "i"s. Why you ask? Well if you have to ask- then i'll have you know that many generic fonts used on certain websites and social networking do not differentiate there lower case "L"s with there upper case "i"s. For example lets say i am not feeling well; someone may misconstrue that instead of feeling Ill i may be feeling like
Rocky III

Now dont get me wrong, i may deviate if it is the beginning of the sentence- BUT that is only if the letter L doesn't immediately follow it!

PS- this is the internet and nobody knows who you are so you can tack on happy faces and 10 exclamation points

PPS- i have replaced all LOLs with LMAO- so that everyone reading will know i have an incredible sense of humor. All existing LMAOs have been upgraded with LMFAO accordingly.

the most dedicated of all lower case EYE fundamentalists.

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