Monday, July 18, 2011

Big Brother is watching, yo!

Google+ the next big thing according to all the big things. All i see is another trendy way i can build content for free to make somebody else more of a billionaire. Or maybe its the perfect thing for some teenager enlisting into the world of information exploitation.

Who am i? Where do i live? What is my purchasing power? What do i like to shop for? Where did i go to school? A list of all my friends and family? What are my political motivations? Add a few hundred photos and you have yourself the perfect intimate Dossier that none of us would ever dream of giving away ten years ago! I remember when the idea of putting a picture of your face on the internet was unheard of- then just 5 years later at the apple store they banned mypsace from their computers because little girls were showing there tits and uploading it to their pages.

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