Sunday, August 22, 2010

What is graffiti and who does it?

"In the rigors of thug-life, graffiti is one of the primary mediums for Urban Expression. The life of a thug is not a nine to five world, instead the day consists of getting up around 12:00 p.m., partying all afternoon, selling a little drugs in the evening, a low-ride cruise through the 'hood, maybe a drive by shooting or two or perhaps a gang fight, and all that topped off with a night- cap of graffiti and running from the police. Sound Fun? But the graffiti isn't entirely wanton destruction of public or private property, it has an inherent quality that to the untrained eye can go unnoticed. Graffiti is the textual language of Urban Expression. Between the lines there lies a code and message to read and understand. Those who don't or can't, face retaliation in the form of a beating or death"

brown pride! craftsmanship is everything

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